For many writers, the most difficult aspect of writing may not be getting the damn words on the page but rather the delicate organizational and existential contortions necessary to do so. The before, the after; the how, when, and where; and of course, the why. How can we afford to write or, even more ludicrously, actually earn money from it? Is writing necessary? If we make of it a "job" will we come to loathe its banality? If we don't will we cling to precious notions of creativity? Should we have a life like a separate colony in a petri dish that we may examine and occasionally steal spores from, or is writing itself our life? What does it mean to identify as a writer, or to hide one's writerly identity in a garret, or to seek official validation for writing credentials?

Curated by Simone Gorrindo and Amanda Giracca, The Writing Life hashes out these and the other hundred uneasy questions swirling around the act of writing. It asks writers to explore the shadows behind their process, work, ambition, and hopes, hewing to the belief that – as the foremost guide to The Writing Life put it in her eponymous work – the way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives.

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