Each month, we talk to a different writer. Their interests, styles, and backgrounds don’t fall neatly into any one category, but they all do things with words that excite and intrigue us: They write books we can’t put down; publish ambitious, unusual stories; explore difficult territory; push the limits of genre to carve out space for their own voices. We want to know more about what drives them and how they navigate their distinctive paths.

In these conversations curated by Amanda Pleau, we look at process and persistence—the hows and whys of what makes it onto the page and into readers’ hands. We investigate revelations and recurrences, how a writer’s past and present shapes her work, what sparks ideas, and why some unfold while others get shelved. We’re interested in how these writers' plans are changed and how their routes are revised. We want to know what matters, what motivates, what makes writing worth it.

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